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Who We Are

Exousia Behavioral Health is a provider of behavioral health care and psychiatrist in Suitland, Maryland, DC, and Virginia, serving children, adolescents, and adults. Our physician-led practice is designed to ensure that every client receives care that is customized to meet their unique needs and goals. As strong advocates of mental health care, we strive to create a safe space for all and deliver the highest level of care.

It is the policy of Exousia Behavioral Services to establish a culture of excellence centered on each person served, the community, and involved stakeholders that is consistent with our mission, vision, and values.

a group of teenagers looking at a withdrawn, lacking self-esteem young girl during a psychotherapy session with a coach

Our Mission

Our goal is to support positive change for each individual and family by increasing access to evidence-based, person-centered mental health treatment for adults and children.

young depressed women crying being comforted by friend at home, girl being consoled by sister, mental problem and depression concept

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve our community by helping individuals with mental health challenges and affected families. We work with community stakeholders to promote understanding of the stigma surrounding mental illness and empower each person to reach his/her full potential as a productive member of the community.

Our Values

Transparency, Integrity, Dignity, Acceptance

  • Transparency: Processes are clear, focused, and collaborative
  • Integrity: Outcomes are replicable, evidence-based, and processes are consistent
  • Dignity: Recognize that change is a continuous, individual process of success and failure.
  • Acceptance: Resilience in adversity

Don’t hesitate to connect with us or schedule an appointment with our experts. Seeking behavioral health services is one of the best expressions of love for yourself.

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